Behind the curtain.


Photography, CG and Compositing under one roof.

While getting everything done in camera is ideal, sometimes the image calls for more than what is available at a prop house or is beyond a set construction budget. Overcoming this issue can be accomplished with photo compositing or by augmenting the photographic elements with CG construction. If the image calls for specific and custom elements, this workflow can easily accommodate. As a photographer that handles their own retouching, compositing and CG, I come with a lighter crew and unlimited customization.

The example above was photographed on location in Minnesota using as many practical elements as possible. A CG set extension was needed to show more environment as well as expand on the practical snow effects that were used on set.


The video above starts with the original image that was created on the day of the shoot. There was a major set change and the last minute that left us with an image that while worked for the purpose of the advertisement, wasn’t what was intended. After the shoot, this CG room was constructed to better express the original direction of the series.


In this series many elements needed to be custom. They were designed and digitally created prior to the talent shoot. On the left, is a real location in Morocco that was embellished with CG elements. On the right is a completely CG set that was created after the direction moved away from the original practical environment. While a practical hair braid and its jewelry were originally photographed, they needed to be recreated digitally to reflect the new environment and its lighting.